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3 actionable SEO copywriting hacks for your Online Marketing

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If you have searched for SEO services then you might be aware that SEO copywriting is the art of creating keyword optimized content that appeals both to the readers and search engine bots. Good SEO copy is something that Google can easily understand. It is also something people want to read, create links to and share. Online Marketing is incomplete without SEO copywriting services.

There is always room for improvement. So if you want to master SEO in 2021, you need copy that’s optimized both for readers and search engines. Here’s how you can do it:

1.  Use Title Tag Modifiers

Make more traffic from long tail keywords by using this simple hack of using title tag modifiers. Basically, these are words that you add to your title tags that will help you rank for long tail keywords.

You don’t need to repeat your primary keyword in the title tags. Instead, you can cleverly modify the title tags to include some bonus keywords.

For example Landing Page: The Definitive Guide can be modified to read Landing Page for SEO: The Definitive Guide.

2.  Find New Topic Ideas with tools

Ever used BuzzSumo for topic ideas? You can use it to find not only topic ideas but variations of the keywords that you typed inside.

It gives you laterally correlated concepts for content generation. So for example, if you are looking at keywords for intermittent fasting, you will find topic ideas for MCT oil, healthy eating, gluten free diet and ketogenic diet.

Indirectly, it leads you to a list of FAQs from your industry. You also get a list of long-tail keywords by using the Question Analyzer. Just key in your primary keywords and get a list of long-tail keywords pertinent to that search.

3.  Create a table of contents that is clickable

Adding a clickable table of contents to your page has many SEO benefits. It makes it easier for readers to find specific topics they want to read about, thereby reducing your bounce rate. It also tells Google that you have created a better user experience.

Increased click through rates also improve your Google rankings. It is easy to generate a Table of Contents by using a plugin.

With these tips and tricks, we are sure you can boost your SEO results. You can also hire a copywriter from an SEO company to get the best results.

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