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3 Essential Google Ranking Factors for 2021

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Getting the coveted first page on a Google search result is the holy grail as far as SEO Services go. There’s nothing that can beat organic search as a source of traffic. It leads to the highest levels of engagement and great quality leads.

Yet, competition for the first page or for the number 1 spot is quite fierce. You need to master search engine ranking factors, the top criteria that Google uses to measure how your page should rank in the results.

Here are some most important SEO ranking factors compiled by Online Marketing experts:

  1. Page load speed

One of the leading SEO ranking factors for many years, page speed is important because ultimately it is all about user experience and Google wants to encourage developers to build fast loading websites. Nearly one-half of traffic is from mobile devices so Google also considers mobile load times as a factor.

Google typically measures your page load using the metric known as Time to First Byte (TTFB).

  1. Responsiveness or mobile-friendliness

Is your website mobile friendly? If the website is not responsive many users who use their phones or tablets to access the web will automatically lose interest because of the sub par browsing experience.

There are many tools and techniques to make your website mobile-friendly. Google has also provided its own solution called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. Sites built using AMP load upto 4 times faster using 8 times less data.

  1. Technical SEO

Google’s bots crawl and review web pages on a variety of factors Using technical SEO you make your website easily crawlable and understandable for the search engine.

Technical SEO is at the heart of your SEO success. Even if your website is perfect and ticks all the boxes where SEO is concerned, having technical errors will keep your website from being search friendly or being found.


There are several factors that Google uses to rank websites from expertise and authority, optimized content, security and accessibility, user experience, etc. Get in touch with an experienced SEO Company to meet all the criteria that Google evaluates and values.

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