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Dentist Website Design

A Comprehensive Guide for Dentist Website Design

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Most dentists out their face challenges with designing their websites. If you don’t pay attention to the Dentist Website Design, it will not be possible for you to get the maximum returns coming on your way. In fact, you will heavily struggle to get patients come on your way in the long run. This is where you should seek expert assistance to proceed with website development for dentist. Then you can overcome the challenges that you will have to face at the time of developing that perfect website.

Deliver a perfect first impression within the first five seconds

According to statistics, your patients spend an average of five seconds deciding whether to continue or leave your site. The typical ‘bounce rate’ in the sector is around 70%. This means that once you’ve spent your marketing cash – and a potential patient has arrived at your website – 7 out of 10 visitors will leave without clicking any further. Isn’t that concerning?

People who come to the website of your dental clinic are looking forward to getting their hands on few important details. They include your location, contact us link, phone number, and the treatments that you offer. You should make sure that these details are readily displayed on the website. Along with these, it is also worthy to display Google Reviews.

When checking your website on a mobile phone, the five-second test must also be applied. Patients who access your website via a mobile phone vastly outnumber those who access it using a desktop computer. Make sure you’ve done everything you can to reduce the amount of scrolling required for a user to see crucial information. If this involves consolidating items on one line rather than on separate lines to save space, go ahead and do it. Consider the patient on the train who only wants to discover your website, see where you are, and contact you in a couple of seconds – don’t make the patient struggle for it! You need to pay your attention to this during Dentist Website Design.

Include a contact us button

As you proceed with website development for dentist, you should also think about including a contact button. The last item on your menu should be a link to your contact page. If you have a horizontal menu, your contact link will appear on the far right of the menu. You could also include an appointment button in the site’s upper right corner. The upper right hand side of your website is naturally where your patients’ eyes are drawn.

Include details about all treatments you offer

You provide dental treatments rather than services. In your menu, these should only be referred to as treatments. If Invisalign and implants are important parts of your business, don’t bury them deep within menus. Take them out and put them on their own page.

Include animations and graphics to share more details on treatments

Is it true that your ‘flagship’ treatment pages make you appear to be the go-to practice for a certain therapy? Is the information comprehensive enough to answer all of your patients’ inquiries without being too technical? The more attractive this website is, the more likely a patient will want to visit you and begin treatment.

Videos explaining how the procedures operate may be included on the Invisalign and implant pages. We’ve created a series of dental animation movies specifically for this purpose, in order to boost the likelihood of private treatment acceptance.

Don’t ignore the impact created by social proof

If your clinic has outstanding Google or Facebook ratings – or has won accolades – make sure they are visible on your website. Then you can convince people on how you are capable of bringing smiles to the faces of people out there. A person who is trying to understand whether to come to your dental clinic will be impressed with the reviews that you have. Then you can get that person to come to your dentist and become a patient.

Final words

Now you know how to proceed with dentist website design effectively. Keep these tips in mind and get the help of the best Dentist Website Development company.

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