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Digital Marketing Vs. Internet Marketing | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing : Same or Different?

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Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing – Terms like Internet marketing, Digital marketing and Online Marketing are often used interchangeably. The point is, Do these terms have the same meaning or different? Let’s find out.

Here we are going to compare Digital marketing and Internet Marketing. These terms do differ slightly from each other.  If you want to know-how just keep on reading.

The Definitions: Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing includes a number of marketing strategies. These marketing strategies use digital mediums to promote and advertise products and services. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, TV ads, Radio ads, and more. Digital Marketing is not limited to the internet.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing- The term itself says Marketing using the Internet. Internet Marketing strategies are those that use mediums that require the internet like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. The main focus of Internet Marketing is to increase online presence of a business.

Difference: Digital Marketing vs Internet marketing

From the definitions we can see how Digital Marketing and Internet marketing has a slight difference. To make it simple we can say that Internet marketing is a subset of Digital marketing. Because the strategies that are included in internet marketing are also part of Digital marketing but some strategies of Digital Marketing like TV and Radio ads are not included in Internet marketing.

Similarities: Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Here are some similar strategies in detail,

Search engine optimization or SEO

SEO helps your website to rank on top of search engine results pages whenever someone searches for the products and services related to your business. With the help of SEO you would be able to reach your desired audience.

SEO itself includes different strategies like keyword research, keyword marketing, meta description, content optimization and much more.

All these strategies work together in increasing your website’s rank on the search results.

Keyword research is a very important and crucial part of SEO Campaigns. You have to research for keywords related to your business before you start optimizing your website. Because these keywords will help your desired audience to reach you.

You have to effectively use the keywords throughout your website to rank higher on search results when your audience searches for them.


PPC is a great way to promote and advertise your products and services. You can decide your monthly budget accordingly and pay for the ads that got clicks. Because as the name suggests you only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad. 

You have to bid for the keywords that you want to advertise through PPC ads. Your ad will appear above the organic search results. If a user clicks on the ad you have to pay some  predetermined amount for every click


Content creation and marketing are also an important part of Online marketing Strategy as it would one of the reasons for a user to visit your website. For content marketing blogs are great options other than your usual website pages. You can use keywords throughout the content to rank high on search results.

But you need to make sure that your content is informative, engaging and has something that will interest your audience. If the audience likes your information there are great chances of them coming back to your website and sharing your website.

There are a number of ways to create content like writing content, creating infographics or making videos.

Social Media Marketing

Approximately there are 3 billion active Social Media users. This makes Social media One of the best Online Marketing Platforms. Social Media Marketing can help your business reach a very large audience. It is also very cost effective. You can either use social media to increase your brand awareness or use it for driving website traffic and sales. Social media can also help you connect with users directly which is very good. 

We know that not every business would have large marketing budgets to afford expensive marketing campaigns. If you are just starting or own a small business then social media marketing would be a perfect strategy for you. It will give you immense opportunities to grow your business by reaching a wide audience on a low budget.

You can use both, Internet marketing and Digital marketing to carry out your online marketing campaigns. In case you need assistance in your business Digital Marketing Campaign, feel free to contact us. We provide SEO services, Social Media marketing, Content Marketing, Website Design Services, and PPC Advertising. We have Digital Marketing solutions to fit every budget and requirement.

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