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Internet Marketing Post-COVID – What to expect?

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Everything changed in the blink of an eye. If there is a lesson that people and businesses learned in 2020, it is that nobody can be fully prepared for the future. Internet Marketing and SEO Services are now more important than ever to shine in the Post-COVID economy.

As businesses prepare to create their Online Marketing and business strategies for 2021, it is important to lead with agility and adapt to the new normal to thrive in this critical market.

  1. Content is king but context is an emperor

Content is increasingly becoming part of the buyer journey with more people working from home, staying at home, reducing travel, etc. As more businesses continue to invest in Online Marketing, competition has grown manifold.

Good quality content combined with the right context can help customers convert faster. Content-driven remarketing and personalization will dominate the scene and help achieve business goals. It will take on a more mandatory role in the 2021 marketing strategy as a result of the new digital habits that were formed in 2020.

  1. Social Commerce

48% of internet users between the ages of 18-34 have shopped using social media in recent times. Social commerce has seen unprecedented growth in 2020 as a result of lockdowns and shutdown the world over. There has been a 24% rise in the use of shoppable Facebook pages and 43% in those of shoppable Instagram pages. While Facebook and Instagram stores are hugely popular, there is also Pinterest to consider.

Using technology like automated bot checkouts and integration of social commerce into your eCommerce store simplifies the buying process and helps integrate the data across platforms.

  1. Voice Search

There is a great spurt in the use of virtual assistants as customers perform their search queries while doing household chores, driving, or cooking. Marketers need to incorporate voice search as an integral part of their online marketing strategy. SEO Services now also need to include longtail and conversational keywords that understand natural language.

Companies need to learn consumer lessons from 2020 and elevate their digital strategy to gain long term business benefits.

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