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Online Marketing Strategies to Boost Your ROI during pandemic

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The average screen time of users spiked by 25-30 percent in 2020. Mobile, laptop, and desktop usage reports are through the roof. Since human interaction is too minimal, our devices have become a constant in our life. What does this mean for businesses looking to enhance their ROI? Make hay while the sun shines. Online Marketing and SEO Services are no longer an option if you want to see results, whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar.

  1. Update your website messaging

Create your website messaging to be in line with the current situation. Show your updated business hours, special precautions that you are taking to ensure social distancing and safety of customers in the pandemic if yours is a physical store. Highlight your new offerings. For instance, if yours is a yoga class and you have recently started video coaching, your website must reflect this information and even offer a demo for potential customers.

  1. Pay attention to analytics

While screen time has increased, users’ interests have been altered due to the pandemic. Review your website usage trends and Google Analytics to find out what your target audience finds interesting. Have your top landing pages changed? Are your conversion rates shifting or lead sources differently? You will need to rework your internet marketing and SEO Strategy based on these insights.

  1. Tweak your content based on insights

People’s interests and preferences have changed in the pandemic. For instance, online queries regarding the prevention of COVID-19 infection and boosting immunity were some of the top searches last year. People purchased many wellness supplements, masks, and other COVID-19 essentials online. Even if your business has nothing to do with healthcare or supplements, you can find out how users’ search intent has changed for your keywords and then modify your content accordingly.

It is important that you pivot your overall online strategy not only because of COVID-19 but more importantly to meet the dynamic needs of customers consuming information on the internet.

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