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Our Website Redesign Process

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Our Website Redesign Process involves following steps

Step 1: Audit and Evaluation of Current website.

We think it is important to evaluate the website pages of your current website to determine what changes it needs and which sections need to be discarded. In our Website Redesign Process, We try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. This helps us to create a perfect redesign plan for you.

Step 2: Inspiration and Goals

In this step of Website Redesign we try to understand your requirements and goals that you want the website to fulfill. Some people have goals to have an absolutely professional – looking website, while some want to increase sales and revenue. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to know what exactly the customer wants from the redesigned website.

Step 3 : Creating Strategy

Now, We will create a plan and strategy that can help us to achieve the website goals. We will make sure that the content is handled in a strategic way that it will give your website an informative, professional and captivating look. This would ensure that the audience engagement increases.

Step 4 : Content and Images Assessment

In this step of Website Redesign we will create the images, content, graphics, videos, gifs that will help us in redesigning the website according to the strategy. For this you need to provide all the text that you want on the website.

Step 5 : Implementing Designs

Once we have the content ready, we will start to create the website page layouts and design mockups. Here, we will put all the work together to create the design of your dreams. Any adjustment or suggestions can be reviewed and implemented during this phase.

Step 6 : Development

At this step, we will finally start creating a website. All the elements and features discussed in the previous stages will be used to create an actual website. Usually, the home page is created first and then the subpages according to previously created sitemap. Graphic elements, interactive features, and other web-page elements are added at this stage.

Step 7: Quality Testing and Analysis

After development, we have all the web pages ready and we have defined how they will look from the frontend, so its time to make sure that everything works properly. We check everything from broken links to website compatibility with all kinds of devices from smartphones to desktops.

Step 8: Launch

Once everything works perfectly and beautifully, we schedule the website launch according to discussed plan and time.

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