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Tangible ways SEO can improve customer experience

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It is a universal truth that SEO Services help optimize websites for machines – search engines and bots.

Yet, search engines have an end goal – to help users find the best match. Some of these users are your customers. Therefore, improving your SEO is all about improving your customer experience.

Since search engines use a number of parameters to decide how to rank sites for certain search terms or keywords. It shows different results to various user types based on many factors such as their region, age, search history, etc.

So, SEO is not simply about improving your site’s visibility but also about providing searchers with the best information and a great user experience. How can an SEO Company improve your customer experience? Here are a few actionable tips:

Great UI

SEO scores consider user interface and user experience as one of the key factors in rating or ranking your website. This means if your site is poorly designed or difficult to navigate, it won’t hold the customer’s interest for long. Two factors that impact SEO – bounce rate and session duration are a reflection of the user experience.

So to build an engaging user experience, optimize your website design, and ensure it is easy to navigate to your key pages. Make the service pages useful and informative. Use rich media, downloads, visual aids, and videos.


HTTPS sites use a layer of encryption that tells users that their confidential data such as credit card information etc. is safe on your website. Without HTTPS customers will not enter into transactions on your site and this is also why Google has marked non-HTTPS sites as non-secure, impacting your overall SEO score.

Practice Great Linking Habits

Ensure your web pages are linked well. Use backlinks to make your site and services more accessible and help SEO ranking. Including a variety of high-quality and relevant links on your site helps users to find out more about a certain product or service. Ensure the external links open in a new tab so the users don’t abandon your web pages. At the same time, you want to make sure your internal links open in the same window or tab.


User experience and SEO Services are closely tied. Search engines have designed SEO scores based on how useful and easy your website is for your target audience.

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