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Top ranking factor for Websites in 2021 – Page Speed

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SEO Services always mention page speed as a valuable ranking factor. Why is website speed such an important aspect of Online Marketing? Website speed not only impacts SEO but also how your users perceive the website and your products and service.

Google has hinted time and again that site speed and page speed is one of the signals used by the algorithm to rank pages. Some research also indicates that Google is specifically concerned about time to the first byte when considering page speed.

Page Speed is a metric of how fast the content and images on your pages load. Here’s why your SEO Services provider should pay attention to page speed:

Customers don’t have patience

This is one of the biggest reasons to consider website speed. Anyone considering buying a product or service may get frustrated with a slow loading page and move away from your website. Ultimately, this means a win for your competitor and a loss for your site. Whether your intention is to convert your user to buy a product or increase your blog’s readership, speed is the deciding factor for customer satisfaction.

Impact on SEO

When website pages take longer than 3 seconds to load, it is a lost cause. In May, Google announced that page experience signals are now included in search rankings. Essentially, the signals measure how users perceive the experience of a web page and speed is a major criterion for the Search Console’s Core Web Vitals. Recently, they updated that page experience signals in the ranking roll out in May 2021. The new page experience signals combine the Core Web Vitals along with the existing search ranking signals such as mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, security, etc.

However, Page Experience Update ranking signals will be measured solely on mobile searches, not desktop yet.

Tools that Publishers need for Improving Page Experience

If you or your SEO Company are looking for tools that can improve your Page Experience, then Google has released a number of tools that can help. But before using the tools, it is recommended to do a site-wide SEO audit of pages to understand where there is room for improvement. Use Search Console’s report for Core Web Vitals to see how your site is performing and take a deep dive into the problems.

After identifying potential areas for improvement, use PageSpeed Insights, and Lighthouse to help you fix the issues.

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