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We make customised Business Website Design

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It is extremely important to have a well built and well-thought Website Design because it will play a big role in the online presence of your business. If your Web design is appealing and updated, you can easily convert the prospect leads into customers. It also helps in attracting more people, which will eventually grow your business.

Akshar Softweb incorporates efficient website development strategies to design content-rich and highly functional websites. We have a highly skilled team of illustrious website designers, developers, analysts, and other technical professionals who are committed to delivering the best services to you within your budget.

We make Custom websites in following 8 steps

Identification of the goal or purpose of the Website Design

We try to understand our client’s needs for the new website. We communicate with them on what purpose or goals they want to fulfill with their website. This helps us in getting the idea of our client’s requirements.

Defining Scope

Once we have discussed the goal and purpose of the website, we are able to define scope of the project or website. Here we decide what kind of web page design and features are required to fulfill the goals. Also, the timeline to build and create them.

Designing Sitemap

We design a sitemap before actually constructing a website that interrelates with your website’s goals and that helps in mapping them out. If a website is unfocused and hard to navigate it might provide a bad user experience.

Adding Content 

Now that we have the whole idea of the website and its requirements, we will start putting SEO Optimised content on different web pages keeping in mind each web page focuses on a single topic only. But for all these, we need to have real content to work with.


At this step, we will finally start creating a website. All the elements and features discussed in the previous stages will be used to create an actual website. Usually, the home page is created first and then the subpages according to previously created sitemap. Graphic elements, interactive features, and other web-page elements are added at this stage.

Quality Testing

After development, we have all the web pages ready and we have defined how they will look from the frontend, so its time to make sure that everything works properly. We check everything from broken links to website compatibility with all kinds of devices.


 Once everything works perfectly and beautifully, we schedule the website launch according to your planning and timing.


Even after the launch, our services continue to keep your website up to date by preventing it from bugs and security risks.

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