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What are the main components of Internet Marketing in 2021

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There is no denying that a Digital Marketing strategy and campaign are imperative to your company’s success in 2021. What elements of Internet Marketing do you really need? Our SEO services adequate? Should you invest in paid social? Let’s analyze this from the perspective of the digital marketing funnel:

Lead generation

Lead generation is the primary goal and hence the first step is to generate the relevant leads for your business. The main components of lead generation include Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM, and Paid Social.

A three-pronged strategy that uses SEO, SEM, and paid social can help you reach your audience in the most targeted fashion. You can improve your ranking to attract better organic traffic to your website, Google ads, and by using social media platforms to reach your customers.

Lead capture

Lead capture allows you to convert your leads into qualified ones. For this, you need a very strong website. The website acts as your marketing funnel for online campaigns and helps you implement the conversion process.

Similarly, landing pages are created with a message crafted for the lead generated in the previous phase.

Lead nurture

This is the process of developing and nurturing relationships with the leads captured. This step involves engaging your audience by offering targeted messaging and information. You will need tools like CRM, Marketing automation tools, analytics, email marketing tools, etc.

This phase relies heavily on content and targeted messaging such as email campaigns and personalized offerings.

You will need to invest in a marketing technology stack, various software to automate the workflow, and a digital marketing team that can help you execute your campaigns for lead nurturing.

How can an SEO company help you?

SEO Company or digital marketing company has already mastered the process from lead generation to nurturing. They have invested in the right set of tools, a panel of experts for each task be it a website or social or paid search. It is best to find the right agency that can implement your digital strategy while you focus on your business.

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