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Responsive Website Design

What you need to know about Responsive Website Design

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Today, we are standing at the brink of technological revolution, which has fundamentally altered the way we live, work and relate to one another.

According to a survey, people spend, on average, 3.5 hours a day engaging with digital media on their handheld devices. There has been a drastic shift in consumer behavior. If you are serious about online marketing want to reach the widest consumer base, it is important to have a Responsive Website Design.

A responsive web design works well not only on desktops but also on different smartphone devices and viewports.

Let’s know more about a Responsive Website Design:

What is Responsive Website Design (RWD) :

Responsive website design is a process of designing a website that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes and viewports without affecting its look and functionality.

Importance of Responsive Website Design :

Times have changed considerably from the era when people accessed websites from desktop devices alone. A majority of people now browse and access websites from a variety of devices with screen sizes ranging from a few inches to 27 inches or more.

This has led all types of businesses to have a responsive website.

Mobile-first approach to Responsive Website Design :

The Mobile-first approach is exactly the same as it sounds – designing for the smallest screen size first and working your way up to the desktop screens to create the best user experience.

Some advantages of building sites with a mobile-first approach are:

  • Your business increases its discoverability
  • Increases reach and visibility which helps to boost conversation rates and generate leads
  • Provides easy navigation
  • Users can focus better on the core content.

RWD and SEO :

Responsive websites get higher rankings in Google search results. A good mobile responsive web design will help you reap the SEO rewards. It is always advisable to approach a Website Design and Internet Marketing Company for this purpose.

All in all, you can conclude that a Responsive Website Design helps

  • Consumers discover your website
  • Keeps shoppers for a longer time on your site
  • Builds brand recognition and trust with consumers

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