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Holiday Season

eCommerce and mCommerce SEO Tips for the Holiday Season

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In December most online stores get into overdrive for the holiday season. The Black Friday – Cyber Monday period tends to kickstart the shopping season in a big way. With a number of brick and mortar stores closed due to COVID, eCommerce and mCommerce have seen unprecedented growth this year. To make the most of this holiday spirit, it is important to optimize your site for mobile and eCommerce SEO and reap benefits from Internet Marketing.

A two-pronged strategy will help you cater to the unique strengths of each. Here’s a lowdown at the top SEO Services tips to make the most of eCommerce for the Christmas season and well into 2021:

  1. Create Social Friendly Content

Social media has a great impact on sales in the holiday season. And a vast majority of social shopping happens on smartphones.

While creating content for apps or websites, make sure the images and text are social-friendly. This way they can be shared on popular social networks.

  1. Don’t forget local SEO

One of the dominant trends in 2020 was BOPIS – Buy online and pick up in-store. This creates a great opportunity for mCommerce. This means keeping your Google My Business profile updated at all times and highlighting your purchase/pickup offerings across your website and social channels.

  1. Update the product pages with the right keyword

One quick hack to make the most of the long-standing festive product pages is to just update the information to reflect the current year and optimize your traffic. However, continue to focus on new keyword opportunities, research the latest trends in real-time to understand search intent, and include them in your overall strategy.

  1. Use ML and AI

Real-time insights from machine learning, automation, and personalization are really taking off just as voice commerce continues to grow. Use existing technologies to add personalization to your website. From text and voice search to topic discovery, keyword research, and content optimization, machines can really do the heavy lifting for you. Online Marketing experts have revealed that recent AI technologies can also help you optimize existing content to rank better for queries.

With these eCommerce tips and trends, you can truly make the most of this holiday season as the shopping fever continues.

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