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How to create a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

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The right Digital Marketing strategy gives your business a direction. Without strategy and planning, you will simply be doing digital using SEO services as a box-ticking exercise. To begin with, create a blueprint or an online marketing strategy document.

This document should include:

  • Business goals both long and short term

  • Key target audience

  • The channels where they are available

  • What has worked in the past and what hasn’t

  • Detailed plan to attract and retain customers

  • Measuring KPIs, conversions and using data to improve further

The crux of your digital marketing strategy lies in these four areas:

  • Setting goals and KPIs

  • Identifying and defining your key audience

  • Designing and executing your digital marketing strategy

  • Auditing and improving your campaigns continuously

The document you have outlined will help you flesh out these areas.

Let’s look at each of these aspects.

Setting goals

While setting goals, you need to understand that there are both quantitative and qualitative goals. Increasing monthly revenue by X percent is a quantitative goal, but increasing customer trust is a qualitative one. Goals must be realistic, challenging and achievable, and tied to your company’s overall vision.

KPIs are different. You can use KPIs to achieve your goals. Some examples include pages per visit, marketing qualified leads, conversion rates, etc.

Identifying and defining your audience

This is an important step to help you target the right customers. Find out the size of your market, your competition, who you are customers are in terms of their persona. Additional details such as where they spend their time and what they consume can help you create the perfect mix of content for you. Above all, it is key to understand why they buy.

Designing and executing your strategy

Once you have done your homework, the building blocks for your internet marketing strategy should be ready. Identify the channels that will work the best for your business and how to leverage them.

Typically, you will use a combination of content marketing, SEO services, PPC, Digital Advertising, Online video, mobile ads, etc. The right SEO Company can help you implement your strategy.

Monitoring and improving your marketing campaigns

When you can’t measure your online marketing, you can’t improve it. The reason why marketing budgets are wasted on things that don’t yield results is a lack of measurement. This is where an SEO Company can help you with ongoing reporting and analytics.

With this roadmap, you can design a winning digital marketing strategy.

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