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Fix WordPress Website

How to Fix WordPress Website With These Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you have problems with getting your WordPress website to function correctly? Then you should have a clear idea on how to Fix your WordPress website. Here are some of the most useful tips that you can follow to Fix WordPress Website.

Select the most appropriate theme

One of the best tips offered to newcomers is to choose a theme carefully. It can even help when someone wants to redesign website. The majority of newcomers go for a free theme, or one based purely on its aesthetics. Beginners should choose WordPress themes based on a variety of criteria, including content features, the ability to use any plugin available, responsiveness, compatibility with all browsers, translation, and multilingual options, includes a page builder, can be optimized for SEO, has excellent reliable reviews, and most importantly, the frequency with which the theme is updated.

Get the most out of widgets

Widgets are a force to be reckoned with!” The sidebar of your blog is an excellent location to advertise your Instagram account, YouTube playlists, or recent content. Widgets provide you the ability to personalize this area in a number of ways. You may also add widgets to the header and footer of your blog, however the widgets accessible will differ depending on the theme you choose.

To begin exploring, make sure your theme allows you to utilize widgets. Then, under Appearance, navigate to the Widgets area of the WordPress dashboard. This area enables you to develop widgets that only appear on certain blog categories or pages across your site, allowing you to provide your visitors with the most relevant information.

Use high resolution images on the website at all times

High-resolution photographs with unblurred, crystal-clear images are now being tailored for display on new smartphones, computers, and tablets. Images that are blurred or pixelated do not please the viewer. If you put money on your website but don’t think about the photographs, both the work and the money you put into it won’t be worth it.

You may utilize three different picture formats in WordPress: JPG, PNG, and GIF. To prevent slowing down your site, compress the photographs before submitting them to WordPress. Make sure your photographs are correctly structured and compressed without losing information. On any kind of website, visuals are quite crucial, so make sure your published photographs are up to par.

Use appropriate content for the visitors

Remain focused on the taint and plain until you’ve mastered them. That is, you must master keyword research, provide excellent content, and provide an excellent user experience.

I used to write some fantastic material when I first started out. It was, however, material that no one was looking for. Find out what your customers want to know about. Similarly, learn how to use on-page SEO to assist search engines comprehend what your content is about.

Enhance security

Set a restriction for the number of login attempts on your WordPress Website to improve security. By default, WordPress allows an infinite number of login attempts to a WordPress-based website. Everyone will be able to guess your login credentials as a result of this. And, since every site uses the same login URL (, you’ll need to use a WordPress plugin to keep track of it. In WordPress, there are several plugins that enable you to restrict or create login limits.”

Take a look at the structure of your website.

One thing I’ve learnt as a WordPress developer is that you should review how you organize your site seriously. I learnt one rule: examine what a plugin should be and what should be included in the theme.

Too many developers dislike having to manage a large number of plugins, so they instead package everything into a theme. This might cause issues in the future if you want to modify the appearance or functionality. A decent rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether you’d want that feature to stay if you changed your theme. If the response is affirmative, the function should be implemented as a plugin.

Adhere to these tips and you will be able to Fix WordPress Website to make it fully functional.

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