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Online Marketing Trends You Can’t miss in 2021

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Online Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing industry. As new technologies and tools continue to surface, yesterday’s hot trend can be obsolete today. It is imperative for companies to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of Online Marketing and SEO Services to stay ahead of the competition and boost their revenue.

Here are some of the top trends in digital marketing for 2021:

1. Local SEO

Since Google frequently changes its SEO algorithm, it is important to keep your business account for Google My Business up to date.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm for local search which impacts how results are shown in SERPs, new methods of filtering information, and setting up opportunities for specific types of businesses.

You can adapt your GMB profile to people’s ongoing needs. Add more photos and videos, changed business hours, or other updates related to the pandemic.

For instance, if you are looking for the “Top SEO Company in Vadodara, Google will tailor the results according to geographical proximity and updated GMB profiles of relevant companies.

2. Automated Bidding for Google Ads

Google Ads marketers continuously tweak and adjust campaigns, keywords, and bids to get the most of you for your advertising dollars. But all the changes come at the cost of man-hours and higher management fees.

With the help of automated bidding, you can set up the process to adjust bids in real-time. Relying on automated bidding means that you can devote your time to other crucial areas of SEO services and PPC performance.

3. Shoppable Content on Social Channels

One of the big Digital Marketing reveals of 2020 was a study that showed that 46% of Instagram users purchased one or more products that were put in front of them using sponsored IG content.

Social media platforms will explode as a channel for sales as easier and better integrations enable users to complete their shopping journey without exiting the platform. Can businesses be exclusive to social media portals? It is worth exploring.

4. Programmatic ads’

Programmatic buying or advertising uses AI to automate the ad buying process to target specific target audiences. Real-time bidding is one example of programmatic buying. The automation technique used is more efficient and faster leading to better conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

We live in an era where technology-enabled marketing moves fast and consumer interests are fleeting. SEO companies and internet marketing experts cannot afford to miss out on these advances and trends.

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