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Importance of LSI keywords in SEO and Internet Marketing

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Those familiar with SEO Services terminology and Internet Marketing may have heard of the term LSI keywords. 

Traditionally, search engines used to scan and rank pages only on the basis of keywords. As a result, people started stuffing web pages with keywords. However, 15% of searches every day are for terms that have never been searched for. This made search engine leaders realize the importance of the context of the content, rather than keywords alone. Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords are an important element for an SEO Company and online marketers because they solve a number of problems. 

What are LSI keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the language computers use to comprehend how multiple words are used in the context of a particular topic. It focuses on the semantics of keywords and phrases as opposed to the literal meaning.

Benefits of LSI keywords 

If your content strategy doesn’t incorporate LSI keywords, then it should. Here’s why:

Accuracy in SERPs

Search engines such as Google and Bing have trained their algorithm to respond to user queries and searches as accurately as possible by associating the context of the search, instead of just the keywords. 

An example of this: 

A blog post about jogging should include LSI keywords such as shoes, cardio, weight loss, 5k etc. for the search engine to understand what type of audience this post will be most useful for. 

Better rankings for search results

Search engines have trained their algorithms to understand content just like a human moderator. Google would match the query with LSI and show the best matches. This results in bringing more focused traffic to your website. 

Ranking for the specific keywords

The good news is that ranking for LSIs is not as high as it is for shorter keywords. Incorporating these LSI keywords in your website improves the chances of your website ranking among the top results. 

Create better content

Using LSI keywords helps businesses to create multiple pieces of content that center around the same topic and have a higher probability of being searched. LSI keywords are crucial to both SEO and online marketing. 

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