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Three reasons why Blogging is Important for Online Marketing

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There has been an emergence of new content formats and features over the past couple of years. Yet, blogging remains one of the top tools in Online Marketing and SEO Services to help your business gain visibility.

Why is blogging so important for your business?

It is one of the key elements of content marketing when it comes to building organic traffic. If you are not blogging actively, here are three reasons why you should make it an indispensable part of your marketing journey.

  1. Google loves fresh content

Relevant and fresh content is one of the major factors in Google’s search engine results placement (SERP) algorithm. Since it is difficult to change the content of your main website pages frequently, a business blog is a right way to engage customers with fresh content regularly.

The frequency of these blog posts depends entirely on the nature of your business and your target audience. However, around 2-3 blogs weekly or fortnightly should help search engines scan relevant and new content when they crawl your website.

In fact, blog content production is a key trend in content marketing because companies can put more useful information in front of their leads. This also boosts your conversion goals.

  1. Drive more traffic and conversions

The right SEO Company and strategy will enable you to use relevant keywords that match the search intent of your core user groups. This leads to higher website traffic. And because your information is useful, you can set up a call to action for the solution your audience is looking for.

Crisp content with precise and relevant information shows credibility and expertise in a domain. This helps build trust with your audience. So, the blog content enables the reader through the discovery phase of the funnel and points him or her towards the next step in your journey.

Based on the content, you can offer CTAs that drive downloads, enable them to sign up for product evaluations, or connect to a landing page to provide further information.

  1. Higher engagement

Blogs can be reshared on your social media platforms. But you need to invest time and effort in keeping the conversation alive. Enable comments on your blog to help readers post feedback and then respond to their questions and concerns.

This is a cost-effective way to build a highly- engaging conversation with your target audience.

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