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Top 5 SEO Benefits for your Business

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Can you imagine life without search engines or more specifically Google? Most of our modern experiences begin with a search engine. But did you also know that the first five results on Google get 67% of all clicks? You may agree that SEO Services are important for your business. However, you might still not know the full range of benefits that a business can gain through SEO and Online Marketing.

Here are some of our top favorite business benefits of SEO:

1. Primary Lead Source

An inbound strategy is the most effective and successful source of leads within B2B and B2C communities. The inbound strategy includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, referrals, etc.

If your business doesn’t get leads from SEO, then you must change your tactics.

2. Higher close and conversion rate

Statistics have proven that SEO helps achieve a higher close rate compared to leads from outbound sources. With SEO leads, the customer intent and requirement are fairly clear and it results in better conversion.

3. SEO improves business for physical stores

Customers tend to research a business online and then visit the local shop or store. For example, the best Mexican food in town will ultimately lead the user to the restaurant. Studies show that a majority of shoppers conduct research online before visiting a store or making local purchases.

4. SEO builds brand credibility

When you rank consistently well on search engine pages, customers naturally gain more trust in your brand. The higher ranking has a direct connection with brand reputation and credibility. The contrary is also true. If you are at the bottom of the results, customers may perceive you as a new or not well-known enough business.

5. Helps brand awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which a target market understands or recognizes a brand. This shows how familiar your target audience is with your product or service.

SEO ensures that your products/services are easily found by search engine crawlers using consistent and organic search. This helps you gain visibility and better recognition for your brand.

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