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Top SEO Trends That You Should Use in 2021

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Over the course of the past decade, one can notice a radical shift in online marketing, especially the way SEO Services impact your results. This is mostly observed in the lockstep with new technologies such as

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Voice assistants
  • Rise and Evolution of mobile experiences.

Here are some important SEO Trends to focus on for the current year.

1. Voice Search :

Though voice search started as a small experiment with smartphones, it has now escalated to smart speakers and voice assistants worldwide. To be a part of this active Digital Marketing world, it is essential for you to optimize your site for voice search. Let’s understand how:

  • Consider optimizing your content with longer and conventional keywords
  • Consider adding FAQ sections to your content
  • Add small snippets of content, (not more than 30 to 40 words) to answer voice search queries

2. Search Intent :

Google is now adapting and focusing on the need for search intent SEO because people prefer to search as they speak. It is very simple to create SEO optimized content for a specific intent search. As a marketer, you have to consider a few things like

  • Before optimizing the content it is very important to understand the search intent
  • Use specific modifiers in your keyword research
  • Determine optimal formatting and content options using SERPs
  • Ensure you provide valuable and quality content every time

3. The Mobile-First Index :

Google fully rolled out Mobile-First Indexing in 2019, which considers the mobile version of your website as your site’s main version.

Let’s have a look at how you can optimize your website for mobile-first indexing

  • Google’s mobile crawler should be able to index the entire content on every page of your website
  • A simple and Responsive Website Design always helps to create a consistent UX
  • Ensure that your mobile site loads fast (in less than 5 seconds)

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