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SEO Company Secrets Revealed 3 Best Practices for Landing Pages

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Internet marketing strategies use a number of tools and approaches to drive conversion events. No matter how well designed your web page is or how much expertise you have on a topic, the page that is not found in search results is simply a waste from the SEO standpoint. If your landing page can’t be found, there is no conversion. An SEO company knows the importance of landing page optimization to boost your organic traffic and reach the ideal customers.

Here are some SEO Company secrets for landing page optimization:

  1. Pay attention to technical details

There is more to optimizing landing pages than using the right keywords. Structure your content such that the search engine bots can read, analyse and understand. This allows search engines to categorize and index your page correctly.

Some pointers that help you to structure your landing page well include title tags, headings, meta descriptions, images and videos, internal links, alt tags etc. Labelling and tagging each element correctly enhances your content for the bots to understand it.

  1. Let keywords drive the content

Since the entire aim of a landing page is to rank for specific keywords and lead the customer to take specific actions, a strong keyword strategy lays the foundation of a successful landing page. Use long tail keywords across the page focusing on user search intent. Remember to write for consumers and not bots. Therefore keep your keywords simple, natural and logical.

Enhance the quality of your web page by using secondary keywords and semantic keywords to contextualise the landing page further. 

  1. Pay Attention to the URL

Even the landing page url helps you to communicate information about the content to both the users and the search engine. The URL also reveals the site structure and where the page sits in the overall website. As a rule, keep URLs short no more than 65 characters. Use slashes to separate key ideas and place the more important words to the left.

Remember, your beautiful and strategically designed landing page will be useless if it doesn’t reach the target audience. SEO helps you get the right visibility and results.

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