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The Evolution of Web Design

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Web design has come a long way in 20 years. Here is the history of Web Design from the 1990s primarily text-based sites to today’s mobile sites in an infographic.



The Early 1990s —->Text Based Site

The First Websites Of the Early 1990s were single column, text-based pages done in HTML.

The Mid 1990s —-> Table Based Sites and Online Page Builders

Tables made it possible to create multiple column websites. This Expanded the text-based design model.

The Late 1990s —-> The Rise Of Flash

Flash began to catch on with designers in the late 1990s. Many websites become a combination of Table Based design and flash elements for spice.

The year 2000 —> CSS Hits The Web

Using CSS, This Development made it Easier to control the Uniform Look and Feel of a website apart from the content.

The early to Mid-2000s—-> The rise Of Javascript

Javascript was one of the first successful attempts to add intelligence to the web.

The MId-2000s—-> The Semantic Web

The semantic web is a web design movement aimed at allowing Machines to understand web pages, as well as Human viewers, do.

The Late 2000s —-> Web 2.0

Designers make heavy use of javascript and XML for smooth content transition and application development.

Now – The Mobile Web

Mobile sites contain bare essentials of the regular website. more and more websites have been designing alternative “mobile” version for surfers on the go.



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